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Insurance solutions for local manufacturers

Regardless of the quality assurance procedures you have in place, sometimes mistakes happen and faulty products get shipped. And if there's a power outage or broken equipment, this could cause a shutdown in production. These are just some reasons why manufacturers insurance is essential. At A-Z Insurance, we can get you the right coverage for your industry to ensure you protect yourself and your business. 

What's included in a manufacturers insurance policy

Your coverage depends greatly on what you make, as each industry has its own standards, manufacturing processes and therefore insurance needs. We will work with you to ensure you're covered for what you need, such as: 

  • The commercial space you own and all of its content. If you lease it, it will cover all the improvements you've made

  • The vehicles you own, even when they are on a construction site

  • The tools and equipment you own, in case of theft or breakage

  • The revenues you stand to lose if you cannot perform the services you were hired for

  • The work of subcontractors

  • Lawsuits made against you if you're held liable for someone's injuries or property loss

How to get the most out of your manufacturer insurance

  • You'll want to consider extending your coverage beyond the $1 million per occurrence limit if you provide a full range of financial services or if your clientele is more upscale.

  • You'll need the fraudulent acts endorsement to comply with Ontario law. 

  • You might already be insured by your employer on their master insurance policy. If not, you'll need to get your own policy.

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