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Commercial Building Exterior

Commercial Property

Insurance to protect your business assets and revenues

You don't have to own the building to need commercial property insurance. When you lease a space, you'll want to insure all the improvements you've made. Property insurance will also cover your inventory, your computers, your furniture and anything else you own.

Commercial property insurance works a lot like home insurance; you'll be insured for a number of perils, such as theft, fire, water damage and so forth. Choose the right deductible and amount of coverage, and decide on the method of settling claims (replacement value or actual cash value).

At A-Z Insurance, we can help you manage your business risks and establish exactly how much commercial property insurance you need. 

Insure your liability and your revenues too

  • Commercial property insurance is only the first step. As a business owner, you'll probably want coverage for your vehicles, equipment, lost revenues, key players and business liability.

  • Here is a quick rundown of the major coverage options for businesses of all sizes:

  • Comprehensive general liability (CGL) insurance covers legal and settlement fees if the company or its employees are found liable of causing physical harm to another person or damaging their property.

  • Business interruption insurance helps cover lost revenues when the company can no longer fulfill its product or service delivery

  • Equipment breakdown insurance for all your major mechanical, electrical and technological systems

  • Optional coverage for floods, earthquakes or sewer backup

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