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Commercial Auto

nsurance for your entire fleet

If you use your car for any purpose other than leisure, you need to get commercial auto insurance coverage. Commercial auto insurance coverage is almost identical to personal auto coverage. You will therefore be covered in the event that you injure someone or damage their property, that you suffer any injuries, or that your vehicle is damaged if you add comprehensive and collision coverage. 

Commercial automobile insurance offers the possibility of covering:

  • Damaged or stolen merchandise, samples or business property (laptop...)

  • Lost revenues resulting from transportation issues

  • Vehicles you will rent on a business trip

  • Coverage for employees that use their own car for business

  • Special coverage for valuable cargo while in transit

  • Temporary automatic coverage for newly leased or purchased vehicles


Business owners that lease or own several vehicles may find it more convenient to opt for fleet insurance. A-Z Insurance offers commercial auto and fleet insurance solutions that are adapted to your business and industry. At A-Z Insurance, we have access to the best commercial insurance providers in Canada. Call us today to get a FREE estimate. 

How to get the most out of your commercial auto and fleet insurance

  • If you don't have fleet insurance but you provide incentives for your executives, make sure they have the proper commercial auto coverage.

  • Claims experience, years of driving, deductibles and coverage options can have a significant impact on your commercial insurance premiums.

  • Make sure your insurance is adapted to every business situation your drivers can encounter, like loss of merchandise, theft, and driving in foreign countries.

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