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Home Insurance

Insurance for homeowner, tenants, condo owners

At A-Z Insurance, we promise to:

  1. Help you evaluate the amount of coverage you need for you and your belongings. 

  2. Recommend the appropriate level of coverage and any suggested endorsements and applicable discounts.

  3. Assess whether any of your belongings, such as collectibles, sports gear and jewelry, require any additional coverage

  4. Walk you through every step of the process if you're unfamiliar with homeowner's insurance.

Homeowner Insurance 

Property, content and liability insurance for homes (and families) of all sizes

There's no such thing as a standard home insurance policy. A homeowner's insurance policy protects your building and any detached structures as well as all your personal belongings from harm. It also provides essential coverage to your family members in case they are responsible for accidentally hurting someone or damaging that person's belongings.


While homeowner's insurance isn't required by law, it's hardly a luxury. 

Tenant Insurance

Protect your belongings and your liability, should things go wrong

Tenant insurance covers the essentials: what you own, and what you might be responsible for. If your actions cause any damage to a person or their belongings, you'll be covered. And if someone breaks into your apartment, or a fire breaks out in your kitchen, you won't have to pay to replace any damaged items.

Can you truly afford not to have tenant insurance? At A-Z Insurance, we don't want that to happen, so we'll help you find the tenant insurance that fits both your needs and your budget.

Condo Owners Insurance

Insurance to cover everything that isn’t covered by the condo corporation’s policy

When you own a condo, the condo corporation requires that you have your own condo owner's insurance policy. This policy protects all your personal belongings from harm, as well as any improvements you've made to your unit. It also comes in play if anyone in your condo is held liable for accidentally hurting someone or damaging that person's belongings. 

If you don't have any condo owner's insurance, you could expose yourself needlessly to a lawsuit.

At A-Z Insurance, we'll help you find the best possible homeowner's, condo owner's and tenant insurance coverage at the best possible price. Call us or email us today.

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