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Wooden Garage


Specialized coverage for garages and other automotive businesses

Accidents don't just happen on the road. If one of your mechanics damages a client's car, are you going to pay for those repairs yourself? And with all the expensive tools at your disposal, can you survive if your garage goes up in flames or is flooded? 

A-Z Insurance offers a comprehensive insurance solution for garages and other automotive businesses from the most trusted insurers in Canada.

Your policy is tailored to your exact needs, and may include coverage for:

  • The building you own and all of its content. If you lease it, it will cover all the improvements you've made.

  • The vehicles you own or lease, and the vehicles your clients place in your car. This can include open lot theft.

  • The equipment you own, in case of breakdown

  • The revenues you stand to lose if your garage has to close

  • Lawsuits made against you if you're held liable for someone's injuries or property loss

How to get the most out of your garage insurance

  • Accidents happen quickly in a crowded space. Use proper signage and train your employees on how to avoid workplace accidents. 

  • If you have a side business in towing, these activities can be covered under your master policy, provided you mention them. 

  • You might qualify for a group health benefits program, which can help reduce staff turnover.

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