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Camping with RV

RVs, Motorcycles, Boats

Insurance for recreational vehicles, bikes, boats

RV Insurance

Coverage for those who travel off the beaten path

Recreational vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and each one deserves to be insured. A stationary motorhome, whether owned or rented, needs home insurance if it serves as your primary dwelling. Campers and caravans also need special coverage, as your personal belongings aren't usually covered by traditional auto insurance. Finally, off-road vehicles need special care to cover any damages resulting from their use, collisions, and unforeseen events like fire or theft.

  • Take a few minutes to find out what the policy features, limitations and exclusions are so you can choose the best insurance policy, not just the best price.

  • If your vehicle is older, you can probably forego comprehensive or collision coverage, or at least raise your deductibles, to save on your premiums. Ask your broker for advice.

  • Think about extending your liability coverage to $2 million if you travel to the United States often.

Motorcycle Insurance

Safety gear for the conscientious rider

Motorcycle insurance is required by Ontario law to cover your liability in accidents and a number of other situations, like hit-and-runs and collisions involving uninsured drivers. Comprehensive and collision coverage are always good to have, especially for new or vintage motorcycles. If you're a bike enthusiast, you'll need special coverage for any modifications you made, and for certain bikes. We'll help you acquire insurance for motorcycle with the right coverage, endorsements and applicable discounts. 

Boat Insurance

Customized insurance for all your boating and water sport needs

Your regular home insurance policy provides some protection for small boats and watercraft, like kayaks and canoes. The minute you invest in a jet ski or a bigger boat, you'll want to consider boat insurance. This insurance policy will cover the vessel, attached equipment (GPS) and a trailer, at its actual cash value or agreed-upon value. It also covers any injuries to your passengers or damages you may cause.

  • Look at your current coverage. Home insurance policies only cover boats under a certain size with small motors, and up to a certain amount. It might be enough coverage for you.

  • Your home insurance policy and many boat insurance policies specify a certain radius of coverage. If you plan to use your boat beyond that perimeter, or even haul it over land, you'll need to extend the radius of your coverage. 

  • You probably want proper coverage during the off-season too, depending on where and how you store your boat.

  • Extra liability coverage is recommended if you travel to the States frequently.

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