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Small and medium insurance solutions for business professionals

If you're in the service business, you need insurance that covers any business situation that could threaten your livelihood. You can count on A-Z Insurance to get you the best coverage for your growing business, whether you operate yours in a retail space, office environment or even remotely.

Your A-Z Insurance broker will help you select what's relevant to your business and what is not. Let's have a look at some of the most popular coverage options for businesses: 

  • The building you own and all of its content; if you lease it, your content and the improvements you've made.

  • The vehicles you own or lease, and the vehicles your employees use for business purposes

  • The revenues you stand to lose if your business has to temporarily shut down operations

  • The liability of your business and its employees when someone is injured or their belongings are damaged.

Do you give professional advice, formally and informally?

Know that if you are a licensed professional, one that provides a professional opinion for a living (architect, engineer, consultant, designer, lawyer, real estate agent...), you need to have professional liability coverage. In many cases, this is a requirement of your trade, but if you are uncertain, just ask one of our brokers.

Errors & Omissions coverage (a synonym for professional liability) comes into play when a lawsuit is filed against a professional for negligence and wrongdoing. In other words, when you've provided the wrong advice, and the claimant can prove that this had disastrous consequences.

How to get the most out of your office insurance

  • See with your broker whether you need E&O insurance and D&O insurance, another form of professional insurance for your executive team and board of directors.

  • If you have a lot of expensive or specialized equipment, consider getting equipment breakdown coverage. 

  • Look into getting business overhead expense, key person and buy sell insurance to protect ownership and business continuity.

  • Privacy breach and data security coverage options may be essential to your business

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