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Personal Umbrella

Additional liability coverage limits your exposure to lawsuits

Personal umbrella insurance provides an additional amount of coverage, up to $5 million, for any claims involving your personal liability. Third-party liability coverage helps to cover the legal fees and court-awarded settlements arising from any claim where you were held liable of causing damages to a person or their belongings. Umbrella insurance also covers many situations that are excluded by a normal home insurance policy, such as libel and slander.

How to decide if you should get personal umbrella insurance

  • Get a sense of how much coverage you already have on your home and auto insurance policies.

  • Note what's currently excluded on those policies. Do you wish to protect yourself from the risk libel, slander or any other situation you're not covered for?

  • Do you travel a lot? Claims abroad can be costlier and more complex to settle. More coverage can definitely ease your mind.

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