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Rented Dwellings

Insurance to protect your investment, your revenues and your own liability

You are investing in your financial future by acquiring strategically located commercial or residential property. You spend on building maintenance and repairs to make the property attractive to tenants. Can you afford to do without those revenues if the roof collapses due to the weight of the snow, or if an electrical fire forces the tenants out? And will you pay for all these repairs yourself?

Rental property insurance makes good business sense.

Even if you no longer have a mortgage on your rental property, the benefits of having rental property insurance truly outweigh the costs. This insurance will cover all of your rental properties for their full value against a number of situations you might be exposed to, like fire and water damage. If your tenants are forced to evacuate the building, you'll also receive compensation for any lost revenues.

A-Z Insurance has extensive experience with this type of insurance, given the communities we serve. We can truly help you select the best coverage at the best price. Call A- Z Insurance today to get a FREE estimate. 

How to get the most out of your rental property insurance

  • Consider adding comprehensive general liability coverage to your policy in case someone visiting your building is injured, or if his or her property is damaged.

  • Add endorsements for sewer back up, floods or earthquakes

  • Manage your exposure wisely by taking preventative measures: snow removal, building maintenance, and regular inspections to name but a few.

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